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Coaching helps high-functioning executives and managers bridge the gap to their next level of success. Coaching gives executives and managers the opportunity to strengthen specific interpersonal, communication, leadership or managerial skills. 


Whether you are a CEO, Manager, Millennial, Generation Z or a multicultural team, I will work with you in a confidential and collaborative partnership.  By connecting with you at a personal level to understand your beliefs, values and vision, we enable a process of discovery, goal setting and specific actions.


With my 15 years’ experience at EY and PwC, my qualification as an Erickson Coach, along with my accreditation from the International Coaching Federation, a Masters degree in Psychoanalysis and a broad international culture, I will work with you to identify your objectives and goals and co-create solutions to achieve them.


My coaching is based on a body of knowledge, Neuroscience, and a style of relating that focuses on the development of human capacity.





The following are some of the areas I work on while coaching individuals and teams: to empower them, their organisations and to increase employee engagement.  How would you benefit from enhancing skills such as these?


Relationships: The relationship of the people in the company is the human glue that holds the company together and allows it to operate at its maximum capacity.  I help clients get to really know their people, their needs and what motivates them. 


Emotional awareness: The best managers score high in emotional awareness and intelligence. I can coach you to develop this skill and enable you to handle difficult situations with compassion through self-awareness and self-discipline. 


Feedback: This ranges from active listening to formal assessment tools and reports, behaviour and possible blind spots. Whether giving or receiving feedback, coaching enables you to create development plans that increase performance, sometimes through behaviour modifications.  


Listening: Listening is the key to being an effective coach. It can be lonely at the top. An executive may need a listener and effective dialogue to sort through issues and decisions. As a coach, I know the kind of questions to ask that will lead to insights and to openings for action for the executive in his or her accountabilities. 


Moving out of your comfort zone: I will gently push you outside of your comfort zone with support, stretching your understanding and challenging your perceptions, enabling you to feel more comfortable with taking risk.


Defining your goals and values: Re-examining goals and values from a holistic approach. Being a CEO, president, or manager is not who you are in life. It is only one aspect of a full life of friends and family and interests. How do you keep harmony in all of these areas? 


Effective communication: The gift of language is a tool. Speaking and listening do only one of two things in life; they create or destroy. Know the difference and honour the tool.  Coaching can significantly enhance your communication skills.


Understanding your strengths and weakness: Coaching can help you to better understand yourself, your strengths and weaknesses and how these are helping or hindering you in your personal and professional life.


Finding your passion: What is it—and what is yours? We think our passion as those things we love to do. I say those things are an expression of our passion, that our passion is our gift, what we make available in the world; our purpose. What will be your legacy? 


Creating vision, mission and purpose: Creating and implementing personal or corporate Vision, Mission, Purpose and Core Values. 

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